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The phone rings and her sister Sharon and bathroom tiles need help shes cut some tiles and you could come and help. I said no problem and that if I, if you can not back Sharon. Now that would help shes 32, long blond hair and a figure to die, oh well 30 minutes later I am in place Avery once hot, and Sharon is using a tight jeans skirt, white top and short. We went into the toilet and the tiles again with his very small area that had close contact with each other, Sharon was holding the tiles, while I cut a good vision of what their highest point in her breasts and 34bb is great my cock stir in my shorts. After an hour the work was done, but said that Sharon came under some cold beers. She went back into the bathroom with a beer and sat on the side of the bathroom and said they drink. Sharon stood up and leaned over the bathroom to start cleaning and that gave me a great view of her butt firm and an even largerhard, at this time, shockingtube Sharon and slipped, fell on me, the two fell to their land for me and there was no way to hide my hard disk was pressed against his in the womb, she just smiled and told me I that time I thanked you for your help and for what his hand in my pants, my cock now rock hard. We started kissing, and removed the top to play with her ​​today, erect nipples, Sharon now had my shorts off shockingtube and sucked my cock shockingtube like I do not come immediately, I'm not sure how many times I dreamed before, Sharon turned to her butt looked at me and I slipped my hand into her panties and found her wet hole, which began her clit, moaning and sucking his cock even harder, I could not take it anymore and shot settled cum in my mouth, in which time my hand. We both come shockingtube then began to rub and kiss again, Sharon took me to the room and said I want you to fuck me with my cock started again afterabout 5 minutes that I have prepared for them, put them on the bed and shockingtube slid my cock into her slowley I felt it go by against my cock and immediately came when she told me fucked, which I did, of course after 10 minutes and I could not keep her wet hole filled with Sharon to get back. We stayed there for a while, did when he needed food, so it's as good as I said, and waited, was released shortly. I bent it was, but rather that one more day
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